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  • Daan Scholten

About me

Perfect time to start the day

Years alive on this beautiful planet

Years of experience in Digital Marketing

T I M E L I N E 

Some important highlights


Born and raised in Nijmegen (The Netherlands)



Start playing football (US: soccer) in one of the highest divisions of The Netherlands.


First company

At 16 years old I started my own digital marketing agency, named Djinq.



Graduated from HAN University.

Having grown up with a strong urge to make something of life, I have been able to develop myself on many areas over the years. In April 2018 I received my business administration degree from HAN University. I always had the passion of creating new things and since I was 16 years old I started my own digital marketing agency, named Djinq. The last two years I have been very busy with my other online businesses in e-commerce. I see endless opportunities in this era and I know exactly where I want to be in the future.
Een moment opname

Deze foto is gemaakt bij de ub toen ik nog drie weken had voor het inleveren van mijn scriptie voor mijn eigen onderneming (Radboud, 2017)

Meet 2 of my current companies
Online Platform


We built a solution for the digital overload people experience nowadays.

Online Marketing


In 2008 I started a digital marketing agency to help companies grow.

''When you want to succeed as bad as you want to

then you'll be successful.''

Eric Thomas
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